Gioteck Announces Feature-Packed PS4/Switch Controllers; Now Available

Yesterday, Gioteck announced their WX4 and VX4 controllers. However, their lines have been refreshed with programmable back buttons. As such, this updated controller line comes with better functionality. The refreshed controller line is now going to allow you to map your controllers on the fly to suit your preferences. The ever-popular wireless controllers are available in a range of exciting finishes to suit your game; mood; or style. The WX4 is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and available in arctic camo or black. Meanwhile, the VX4 is designed for PlayStation 4 and is available in black, purple, or dark camo.

Oh, and if you don’t have either console, you can use them on your PC. That’s right, they are PC-friendly!

Where Can I Get Gioteck’s Controllers?

PS4 Controller Details

Well, let’s get started with the PS4 controller. The VX4 is a model that works with the PlayStation 4. It provides superb comfort during marathon gaming sessions; programmable back buttons; quick-fire triggers; a precision D-Pad; and anti-slip rubber thumbsticks. All of these exist to deliver lightning-fast performance; motion; vibration; and headset compatibility. All of which makes for mind-blowing and immersive gaming sessions!

Every controller is available in Black, Dark Camo, and Purple colors. Each unit has programmable back buttons. Additionally, they support the traditional PlayStation layout. So, no weird button layouts that you have to get used to. What’s more, they include motion and vibration support. Finally, the controllers have a 3.5mm audio port and support wireless gaming.

You can buy these controllers over at Argos at £29.99:

Nintendo Switch Controller Details

So, the Nintendo Switch controller is going to let you switch your JoyCons and go pro. First of all, the controllers are built with premium materials. What’s more, they have LEDs for power/player numbers. Additionally, the controllers provide motion and vibration support. As such, you can use them as standard Nintendo Switch Pro-Controllers. Still, they retain the Nintendo Switch layout and include reprogrammable back buttons.

Once again, you can buy the controllers at Argos at £29.99:

You know, this might be a good chance to renovate your controllers. What do you think of the new controllers? Are you going to get them? What is your favorite game console? Do you like alternative controllers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, you can read our Nacon REVOLUTION Pro Controller review.  Also, if you want to see our first-hand experience with the controllers, you can check out our review of the WX4 controller here. Otherwise, you can read our latest opinion article: Should RPGs have an Easy Mode?

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