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Fans of My Hero Academiahave been eating well with all the extra content lately. Aside from the hilarious My Hero Academia: Smash gag manga, they’ve also been lucky enough to have the surprisingly substantial My Hero Academia: Vigilantes spin-off with characters from the main series making regular appearances. And now there’s another meaty spin-off to chew on, My Hero Academia Team-Up Missions! Luckily, MHA fans are a hungry crowd!

Have you heard of the Team-Up Mission program? The goal is to boost teamwork and communication between schools and hero agencies. This will help students learn more about their Quirks and how their Quirks work together with others. But mostly, it’s to help the kids learn the all-important lesson of teamwork!


The first team-up puts Deku, Uraraka and Kacchan in the care of the tail-kicking Rabbit Hero: Mirko. Together the kids learn a valuable lesson about what happens when Quirks go wrong. Then Deku and Bakugo try to put aside their personal difference long enough to get some tutelage from the high-flying Hawks. Their team-up pits them against a speedy villain that can spin a web any size. And Creaty and Ingenium study under the always hungry Fat Gum and Suneater. Together they try to help a young lady who was saved by a prince-like hero but doesn’t know who he is. With some legwork, their investigation leads to something dangerous.


These a just a few of the team-ups and other adventures inside. The book is full of action, great character moments and plenty of laughs. Yoko Akiyama, the writer and artist, absolutely nails the feel of the My Hero Academia universe both in terms of art and character interaction.

If you’re a fan of the My Hero Academia manga, this is a must have! You’ll feel like you’re reading the main series and see your favorite characters paired up for new adventures.

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